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Demam Berdarah

Demam Berdarah

Education & Training

  • Patient Education

    This one-page handout English Adobe PDF file PDF (237KB/1page) and Spanish Adobe PDF file PDF (238KB/1page) and Portuguese Microsoft Word file DOC (30KB/2pages) is intended to be used in a clinical setting and to be given to patients / family of patients with suspected dengue to assist them in watching for warning signs that could indicate risk for dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). [Spanish versión] Esta hojuela puede ser usada en ambientes clínicos y ser entregada a pacientes y a familiares de pacientes con sospecha de dengue para asistirles en el monitoreo de los signos de peligro que podrían indicar riesgo de dengue hemorrágico

  • A Case Management Guide

    The dengue management quick reference card is intended to be used as a convenient user-friendly reference for health care providers treating patients with dengue. The card summarizes current best treatment guidelines as per a recent World Health Organization (WHO) sponsored series of meetings with a committee of expert dengue clinicians.

  • Vector control sheet

    This one-page handout English Adobe PDF file PDF (1MB/2 pages) and Spanish Microsoft Word file DOC (174KB/2 pages)

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