Kamis, 18 November 2010

Teknik Biomedis

BENG 100: Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering 


Lecture 8 - Cell Communication and Immunology (cont.)



Professor Saltzman continues his discussion of cell communication in the body, extending the description to the nervous and immune system. Professor Saltzman describes the mode of signal transmission in neurons: action potential in the axon, and neurotransmitter release at the synaptic cleft. He also introduces elements of the innate and adaptive immune system. The adaptive immune system is presented as a host/foreign antigen recognition system involving immune cells (T, B, and macrophages), antibodies, and the major histocompatibility complex 1 and 2. Immune response by cytotoxic T cells, T helper cells, and B cells to antigen recognition are discussed in detail.

Reading assignment:

Biomedical Engineering: Bridging Medicine and Technology,
in preparation by Mark Saltzman (forthcoming by Cambridge University Press); chapter 6

Summary and Key Concepts: Chapter 6 [PDF]




Problem Set 4 [PDF]


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2. http://oyc.yale.edu/biomedical-engineering/beng-100